Adrian Leadley, Candace LeBreton and Hayley Lebreton

Bev and Ralph KirschnerB

Charlies' Angels!  In the front: Jaime with Emma and Charity.  Back Row: Cheryl, Brianne, Jeanette, Leanne and Micayla

Devon Kirschner and Haylee Steliga

Warren, Jaime, Angie, Charity Allen and Emma Kirschner

Brianne Kirschner and Kris Ulvaan

Patricia, Kristy, Katie, Rebecca and Jessica

Jessica Gordon, Chris Gordon, Patricia Kirschner, David and Iris Kirschner, Rebecca Kirschner and Katie and Keegan Thomas

Ashley, Michele, Kay McEachern, Frances Leverrier, Jody Kirschner, Frank, Liz Rambold, Grant Kirschner

Cathy and Rick Kirschner

Cheryl and Noah  and Levi and  Tanya Hart

Dave and Iris Kirschner

Kay McEachran, Frances Leverrier, Liz Rambold and frank Kirschner

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