Rick Kirschner, Cathy Kirschner, Elizabeth Kirschner, Sarah Canning, Justin Canning

   The Sturge Family, Nelson, Keegan, Joshus, Hailey, Kristy and Kaylyn

Brianne and Heidi Kirschner

 Christine and Ken

Ft. Mac Sizzle!!!!!!!!!!!

   Gordon Geisbrecht and Annette

Survivor Game

 Rob and Rhonda Hauca and Darnell

Front Row:  Brianne Kirschner with Emma Kirschner, Haylee Steliga.  Back Row: Devon Kirschner, Kris Ulvaan, Heidi and Gord Kirschner, Cheryl and Nick Kirschner

Brianne Kirschner our MC and Kasey Howery our Photographer

  Brenda, Kay Bowes Synge and Sunny

Brianne MCing

   Elaine Martelli

  James Bilcox with Randy Kirschner (in chair)

 Sweet Bertha Kirschner with Dave Wm. Kirschner

  Sharon Loken, Kathleen(Kay) Synge(Bowes), Judith Bowes, Pam Johnson

Tom, Kaiden and Carol

 Brenda Bowes, Kay Synge, Sunny Bowes

 Cheryl and Noah

   Christina and Kolby

Gord, Brianne, Kris, Devon, Haylee, Doug ,Al and Bob and Heidi

Jessica and Chris Gordon

Nicole Larocque

Back to the roots.

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